This Game was made for the University of Portsmouth Game Jam 2018. I was running the event but found time to make a Pico-8 game too, as part of a team with Alex Counsell.

One of the random themes was David L. Levy, a children's activist. One of his books is called "the Revolt of the Animals" so we decided to do a game with revolting animals.

It's a 2-player game where the idea is to cover as much of the field with your poo, while erasing the opponent's poo at the same time. Like Splatoon, but more revolting. Eat food to get more poo, but not too much or you'll get "bunged up". 

High-brow entertainment for the 21st Century.

P1 controls are arrow keys, plus M to poo.

P2 controls are E/D/S/F, and Q to poo.

These controls are not ideal, but they are the Pico-8 defaults and cannot be easily changed unless you run the game on a Pico-8.

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